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A little about us

A little about us

The Intentor brand is all about innovation and excellence in a modern business environment. We believe there are always better and more cost-effective ways to meet business objectives and that's precisely what we aim to help you achieve.

We started out in 2004 as a team of six individuals with a vision to transform the waiting room experience in dental practices. We spent the first years developing a very sophisticated technical solution to bring on-screen show reels to individual practices, controlled remotely and centrally by our team. This enables dentists and advertisers alike to concentrate on their business while we concentrate on increasing their sales.

The screens display looped content, with each loop typically lasting 15 minutes. During that time we play out a carefully-programmed series of educational content, promotional content and entertainment.

We also embarked on a series of comprehensive market research projects to establish exactly how effective the screens are, and the optimal mix of content which ensures we capture and hold patients' attention throughout each sequence.

We have some brief case studies of our research and example content- so you can see what we mean.

After many years in development it was time to start spreading the word! Currently over 450 dental practices across the country are signed up to our service that means we're engaging with over 1.8m patients every month. The number grows steadily month-by-month, particularly as we strengthen our partnerships with large groups such as Denplan and Oasis Dental Care.

Intentor's senior management team have over 100 years combined expertise gained in public and private sector organisations and across information technology, new media, health and advertising.

Our philosophy also embraces a strong customer service ethic. So at all times you can be assured of fast, efficient, courteous service from all our staff.

We'd love to prove this to you and to help you grow your business so please feel free to contact us.