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How does the Intentor service work?

How does the Intentor service work?

We tested our ads on Intentor screens for seven months. We consistently achieved 47 per cent increase in sales within the practice, which is amazingly cost-effective. This is on top of the uplift in sales from our retailers around the practices where people had seen the promotions.

- by Senior Brand Manager, Major UK mouthrinse brand  February 11, 2010

On the surface, it?s very simple. Patients in the waiting room are naturally attracted to screens showing animated programmes (to be precise, on average 86 per cent of people watch the screens). The programmes are a careful mix of visual promotions and entertainment.

Patients see products and treatments they desire, and ask for them. It?s very easy just to add them to their existing bill. Around 60 per cent of people consider their dentist or hygienist is recommending the products they see on the screens.

On average the uplift in treatment and product sales is between 40-50 per cent, which is ten times more effective than posters and leaflets. Take a look at our brief case studies to find out more on this.

Our screens are currently broadcasting and servicing over 1700 dental surgeries, with a combined footfall of 1,289,166 patients every month. Over 30 per cent of patients are accompanied, bringing the total potential audience for your advertisements to over 1,675,916 people a month.

We manage the whole service for you, taking your promotions to the practices you select, so you don?t have to liaise with individual surgeries. We use ultra-modern digital platforms and super-fast networks. It?s very sophisticated, technically ? but the only thing you need to think about is which products you?d currently like to increase sales of, and where. We do the rest.

Promoting your products

We can broadcast your existing TV or online advertisements, in whole or in part, or we can use your print or ambient promotions, adding in animation if you wish.

Alternatively we can create new adverts for you in total harmony with your branding, at a fraction of the cost of charged by a marketing agency.

Each programme loop lasts 15 minutes, during which there are five minutes of advertising. This is carefully programmed among five minutes each of dental educational messages and entertainment content. We will typically promote your product or brand through two 15-second adverts or one 30-second advert in each loop. As space is clearly finite, it?s best to advise us as quickly as possible that you?d like your brand included.

Have a peek at some sample campaigns.