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How does the Intentor service work?

How does the Intentor service work?

“The whole process was quick and painless. Intentor put the screens up within 10 days of my request – and within a day we’d noticed a significant increase in product sales.”

- by Mr Wyatt, Berkshire

On the surface, it's very simple. Patients in the waiting room are naturally attracted to screens showing animated programmes (to be precise, on average 86 per cent of people watch the screens). The programmes are a careful mix of visual promotions and entertainment. Patients see products and treatments they desire, and ask for them.

On average the uplift in treatment and product sales is between 40-50 per cent, which is five times more effective than posters and leaflets. Take a look at our brief case studies to find out more on this.

We use ultra-modern digital platforms and super-fast networks. It's very sophisticated, technically but the only thing you need to think about is which treatments you'd currently like to increase sales of. We do the rest.

We?ll advise you how many screens you need and install them at time convenient to your practice.

Typically each show reel lasts 15 minutes. Each loop incorporates five minutes each of dental health educational content, treatment and product advertising and entertainment such as clips from films currently showing at cinemas.

We source and manage all the content and advertisers.

Promoting your treatments and products

We have a range of ready-made reels from which you can choose to promote dental treatments in your practice. Alternatively we can create bespoke ones for you (at a fraction of the cost charged by a marketing agency). We can brand them to your practice and, if you are part of a group of practices, you can promote different treatments at different times at different locations.

Which products do you sell over the counter? We'll encourage the brand managers to advertise at your practice to uplift sales and therefore profit.

If it's important to your business to promote dental plans we will alert our partners, which include all the major providers including Denplan, AXA and Simplyhealth.

Have a peek at some sample content.