• Reach 3.1m

  • Screens 1200

  • Growth 33%


insights 1

insights 1


With studies now showing that the average consumer is exposed to up to 10,000 brand messages a day (thanks to technology and the resulting growth in media exposure), it is widely acknowledged by the world’s leading marketeers and researchers that the human attention span is at its lowest ever.

The challenge for brand owners is no longer finding media channels in order to reach consumers, but how to get and hold their attention. We therefore have been focusing over the past two decades on developing media solutions to help brand owners overcome this new challenge.

Following numerous research studies the Dentist TV channel is fundamentally designed to capture and hold the viewers’ attention using a unique combination of content mix and spot length.

insights 2

insights 2


The Dentist TV channel was and continues to be developed with exclusive independent research and data. To date, over 6,000 consumers have been interviewed or surveyed along with over 200 dental health professionals. This has resulted in the development of this unique and ever-evolving channel.

Here's a brief example to give an insight into consumers' propensity to watch the screens and the effects that the on-screen promotions have on their brand recognition and sales.

Case Study: Change in purchase behaviour and brand recall

Methodology: 1,200 consumers exit interviewed on leaving the dental practices

  • 91% watched the Dentist TV channel
  • Purchase intent was more than twice as likely in locations with screen advertising
  • 61% believe their dental professional is recommending the products on screen
  • Unprompted brand recall was close to double in practices with screen advertising

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