• Reach 3.1m

  • Screens 1200

  • Growth 33%

Dental TV Channel

Waiting Room People

Waiting Room People


The Dentist TV channel is Europe’s fastest growing network of screens located in dental and orthodontic practice waiting rooms across the UK and Ireland. Campaigns can benefit with unique support and additional digital media touch points. These include:

  • Videos sent from dental health professionals to consumers via email
  • Leaflets sent from dental health professionals to consumers via email
  • Proactive stocking of products via partnership with the UK’s leading wholesaler
  • Product information and clinical data sent to dental health professionals via email


Brand owners now have the opportunity to reach consumers in this highly targeted environment where their brand exposure has the greatest effect.

media 2

media 2


Consumers are seated in the waiting rooms with a typical dwell time of 16 minutes and looking for alternative stimulation. The media is proven to be ten times more effective than traditional media (such as leaflets and posters). Furthermore, unlike traditional TV media the viewers are unable to switch over or fast forward the channel, ensuring brand owners get full exposure.


Numerous studies have shown that the Dentist TV channel also delivers brand owners implied professional endorsement as part of their campaigns. Over 60% of consumers believe the brands on screen are products their dental health professional recommends (implied recommendations) and actual verbal recommendations were four times higher when products were on the channel.